Zhejiang releases government transparency index report

Recently, Zhejiang released the “Zhejiang Government Affairs Transparency Index Report (No. 3)”, which analyzed the government affairs transparency index of 135 units from 39 provincial-level departments, 11 districted city governments and 85 county governments. Among them, the Provincial Health Commission, Hangzhou Municipal Government, and Ningbo Jiangbei District Government took the lead in the provincial departments, district governments, and county governments

Zhejiang explores ways to improve urban and rural images

Recently, Zhejiang held a conference in Tonglu County to discuss issues of urban and rural image improvement and future community construction, which kicked off Zhejiang’s projects to accelerate the construction of “beautiful Zhejiang”. In recent years, through the construction of beautiful counties, beautiful towns and beautiful villages, the province has achieved considerable results in the construction of beautiful Zhejiang. Then

12 comprehensive demonstration counties for high-quality e-commerce development in rural areas newly added in Zhejiang

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of (the first batch) comprehensive demonstration counties for e-commerce development in rural areas in 2021. 12 new counties in Zhejiang are on the list, granted 115 million yuan from the central government. Up to now, there are 34 comprehensive demonstration counties for e-commerce in rural areas, of which 16 are mountainous counties,

Urban and rural areas in Zhejiang joining hands for common prosperity reported on the front page of People’s Daily

On August 3, the front page of the People’s Daily published Urban and rural areas in Zhejiang joining hands for common prosperity by vigorously promoting new urbanization and rural revitalization, focusing on how Zhejiang speeds up urban-rural integration to bring people substantive senses of fulfillment, happiness, and security. The front of the houses with red tiles and white walls is

Zhejiang sets out to renovate urban and rural images

A conference on urban and rural image improvement and future community construction was held in Tonglu on July 29. The reporter learned from the meeting that Zhejiang will make a strong start to promote great improvement of urban and rural images, improve the quality of future communities and high-quality construction of beautiful Zhejiang, and accelerate the creation of great urban

The 1st Zhejiang Digital Healthcare Industry Hangzhou Summit Is Held in Gongshu District

The 23rd China Zhejiang Investment & Trade Symposium and the 1st Zhejiang Digital Healthcare Industry Hangzhou Summit was held in Gongshu District yesterday. The powerful union between digital economy and healthcare industry yields cheering result: the East China regional headquarters of world-leading multinational pharmaceutical enterprise AstraZeneca, which is located at Gongshu District Digital Economy Industrial Park, is formally put into operation.

ZJ rolls out Covid-19 vaccination program for children aged 12 and above

With vaccination being underway, from Aug 1, children aged 12 to 17 are eligible to be inoculated in Zhejiang. Starting from Aug 20, schools within the province will hold a vaccine drive for all of their students. Although fewer children have seen infected with COVID-19 compared to adults, the more people get vaccinated and immunized, the earlier the community immunity

Zhejiang promotes village planning

The system of “town planners”, “community planners” and “village planning volunteers” will be gradually promoted in Zhejiang. From the “Rural Revitalization” project to the construction of beautiful villages in Zhejiang, one of the most important experiences is to make scientific planning with a blueprint. Recently, the Provincial Department of Natural Resources issued the “Notice on Scientifically Promoting Village Planning” (hereinafter

Water bills of water-saving enterprises reduced by up to 50%

standard, and those of provincial water-saving model enterprises 50% … On July 14, the reporter learned from the Water Resources Department of Zhejiang Province that this province officially issued Measures for the Management of the Reduction of Water Bills for Water-saving Enterprises in Zhejiang Province (hereinafter referred to as the Measures), and the policy for the reduction of water bills

Tailored transformation of appointments for diagnoses and treatments for the elderly being promoted in Zhejiang

In Zhejiang, digital reform further benefits the elderly. The reporter learned from the Provincial Health Commission that recently, Zhejiang Province Appointments for Diagnoses and Treatments Service Platform has carried out tailored transformation of appointments for diagnoses and treatments for the elderly, reshaped the process of handheld appointment registration for the elderly, and released the “Care Version” application for appointment registration