Emphasize the marketing awareness and efficiency of agricultural technology innovation

On the morning of August 16, Governor Zheng Shanjie came to the Academy of Agricultural Science of Zhejiang Province to investigate agricultural science and technology. He emphasized that to consolidate and strengthen the basic position of agriculture, we cannot have a relaxed mind at any time. He expressed his hope that the Academy of Agricultural Science of Zhejiang Province should

The first future community service terminal in the province settled on the “Zheliban” APP

On August 9, “My Home” section of the “Digital Society” on the “Zheliban” APP was officially put into use, and meanwhile the Jimingshan Future Community Service Terminal of Jiangdong Sub-district, Yiwu City, was launched. This is the first future community service terminal settled on the “Zheliban” APP across the province. There are 29,000 people in Jimingshan community, including more than

Zhejiang explores ways to improve urban and rural images

Recently, Zhejiang held a conference in Tonglu County to discuss issues of urban and rural image improvement and future community construction, which kicked off Zhejiang’s projects to accelerate the construction of “beautiful Zhejiang”. In recent years, through the construction of beautiful counties, beautiful towns and beautiful villages, the province has achieved considerable results in the construction of beautiful Zhejiang. Then

Slow Traffic System Expands in Jiande

Despite the brutal heat waves these days, workers are busy paving green roads at a construction site, as part of the phase-three slow traffic system in the central part of Jiande. The first and second phases of the system have been completed in 2018 and 2020. The third phase, with a length of about 8 kilometers, spans from Yang’an Bridge

Innovative construction of social security public service platform in Jilin province

By the end of this May, Changchun, as a pilot city for promoting the social security public service platform in the province, had registered 53,000 unit users, 885,000 individual users and 861,000 WeChat users on the online platform for social security public services. The online service hall and WeChat mini-program had handled 2.757 million transactions in total, and 75 percent

Stable and positive economic development in the first half of 2021 in Eco-city

On August 2, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city) held a work meeting for the first half of 2021. In the first half of this year, the Eco-city’s economic development was steadily improving, with all eight major indicators increasing positively, achieving more than half of the time and task. Among them, GDP increased by 18.7% while fixed asset investment by 10%,

Dongjiang FTP: High-quality development guarded by “two wings” of rule of law 13:16 Society

The reporter learned from the Dongjiang Free Trade Port a few days ago that Dongjiang FTP focuses on the national and Tianjin business environment evaluation index system, benchmarks against advanced areas, takes service and innovation as the starting point, solves problems for companies and masses, and takes the lead in reform and innovation. It tests policies to create a first-class

Regulation adherence tops 96% for carhailing firms in Xiamen

Local transportation officials recently held a press conference reiterating that unlicensed cars and drivers are not allowed to participate in online carhailing platforms. Authorities noted that compliance with vehicle and driver regulations hit 96.7 percent, with Xiamen ranking first in 36 major cities for four consecutive months. Officials also noted that all drivers are required to provide accurate data. A

Binhai City to improve carbon sink capacity of its entire ecosystem

The reporter learned from the Ecological Environment Bureau of Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) that during the “14th Five-Year Plan” period (2021-2025), TBNA will continue to strengthen land and space planning and use control, enhance the carbon sink capacity of oceans, coastal zones, wetlands and other ecosystems, and accelerate promotion of the “871” ecological project. By 2035, the

China’s digital yuan can be used to take Beijing subways now

Beijing’s subway system will add more services that are compatible with China’s digital yuan from August 1 this year. Passengers now can use digital yuan to buy tickets, all-purpose cards and top up their all-purpose cards balance. The new usages of digital yuan across the Beijing subway transportation system add to the existing use were an upgrade since the digital