Emphasize the marketing awareness and efficiency of agricultural technology innovation

On the morning of August 16, Governor Zheng Shanjie came to the Academy of Agricultural Science of Zhejiang Province to investigate agricultural science and technology. He emphasized that to consolidate and strengthen the basic position of agriculture, we cannot have a relaxed mind at any time. He expressed his hope that the Academy of Agricultural Science of Zhejiang Province should thoroughly study and implement the spirit of a series of important instructions from General Secretary Xi Jinping on agricultural technology innovation, earnestly implement the deployments of the Ninth Plenary Session of the 14th Zhejiang Provincial Committee of CPC, and further improve its position and emancipate the mind, to further enhance the awareness of marketing, efficiency, and benefit, and to further play the role of the main force and system platform to promote the overall advancement of agricultural science and technology in the province. He added that this academy should bravely shoulder heavy responsibilities and bravely aspire to achieve higher achievements, by seizing every day and working hard, to promote the “empowerment of agriculture with science and technology, and machinery”, to accelerate the high-quality development of agriculture, and to make greater contribution to the continuous increase of farmers’ income.

Zheng Shanjie visited laboratories, greenhouses, and rice fields, to greet researchers and learn more about the breeding, cultivation experiments, and the marketing of scientific and technological achievements. He fully approved of the achievements made by the Academy of Agricultural Science of Zhejiang Province in recent years. He said that agricultural science and technology innovation has unlimited potential and prospects, and at the same time allows for unlimited vitality of agriculture. Scientific researchers must establish a strong market orientation, work hard on agricultural science and technology, and the application of technologies that are most desired and urgently needed by farmers. They need to do a good job in “using research for practical purposes to drive basic research, and using basic research to lead research for practical purposes”, to create more results and benefit more people.

Zheng Shanjie pointed out that the way out for the high-quality development of agriculture in this province lies in improving science and technology, and mechanization. It is necessary to focus on “empowering agriculture with science and technology, and machinery”, to strengthen problem orientation to pinpoint the needs of agriculture, rural areas and farmers, to concentrate on solving prominent scientific and technological problems that restrict agricultural innovation and development, and to effectively solve practical problems. It is necessary to establish the concept of input and output, to give full play to the power of the market, to pay attention to the major role of enterprises in innovation decision-making, R&D investment, scientific research organization, and transformation of results, to promote the integrated development of industry, university, and research, and to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of agriculture through persistent scientific and technological innovation, so as to make agriculture competitive and farmers make money. It is necessary to deepen the reform of the agricultural science and technology system, and to support technological R&D and innovation through system supply and innovation, so that scientific researchers can benefit from the transformation of research results, and realize national and social benefits while realizing personal value, thus ensuring the innovation of agricultural science and technology.