The first future community service terminal in the province settled on the “Zheliban” APP

On August 9, “My Home” section of the “Digital Society” on the “Zheliban” APP was officially put into use, and meanwhile the Jimingshan Future Community Service Terminal of Jiangdong Sub-district, Yiwu City, was launched. This is the first future community service terminal settled on the “Zheliban” APP across the province.

There are 29,000 people in Jimingshan community, including more than 2,000 compatriots of ethnic minority, more than 1,300 foreigners from 74 countries and regions, and 13,000 teachers and students from Yiwu Business School. Therefore, this community is also known as the “United Nations” community.

The functional design and development of Jimingshan future community service terminal closely focuses on the actual needs of the three groups of foreigners, people of ethnic minorities, and entrepreneurs, as well as on the key minor matters around the community residents. This terminal is designed to promote high-quality sharing of public services and make the community smarter, more capable, and better, through multi-scenario applications enabled with digital reforms.

At present, the service terminal provides 15 applications, including the Community Credit Score, the International Dispute Settler, Jimingshan Conference Hall, and the Community Medical Appointment, which are related to 8 “key minor matters” of people.

The “International Dispute Settler” application can currently provide foreigners with services, such as agency service consultation, the application for the “Business Partner Card”, inquiries, and the application for mediation and settlement of foreign-related conflicts and disputes, to help foreigners with their life and work in Yiwu.

The 4 applications of “recruitment”, “housing subsidy”, “rental subsidy”, and “employment subsidy” closely focus on the entrepreneurship and employment needs of college graduates and entrepreneurs in Jimingshan jurisdiction, designed to realize one-click quick handling of key minor matters in entrepreneurship and employment.

The person in charge from Jimingshan Community introduced, “All data is shared and exchanges on the integrated intelligent public data service platform. The data is securer, and people have a stronger sense of fulfillment”.