China’s FDI inflow up 25.5% y-o-y from Jan to Jul, continuing positive momentum

China’s actual use of foreign capital continued its growth momentum soaring by 25.5 percent year-on-year to 672.19 billion yuan ($103.69 billion) over the first seven months of 2021, data from the Ministry of Commerce showed on Friday.

The amount represents an increase of 26.1 percent from 2019, in a pre-pandemic environment, said the ministry.

The expansion of foreign direct investment into China, though slowed from the 28.7 percent jump in first half, still reflects foreign investors’ increasing confidence in the Chinese economy.

Specifically, the actual use of foreign capital in the service industry was 535.57 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 29.2 percent, accounting for 79.7 percent of the country’s total.

Foreign investment in the wholesale and retail industry, scientific research and technical service industry, information transmission software and information technology service industry increased by 69.3 percent, 49.2 percent, and 29.1 percent, respectively.

Broken down by region, foreign direct investment from Belt and Road countries and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations both grew 46.3 percent, official data showed.