Jiangsu ranks third in the country in the development of big data industry

In the recently released 2021 White Paper on the Evaluation of China’s Regional Development of Big Data Sector, Jiangsu ranked third with a general index of 49.73 after Beijing (54.34) and Guangdong (59.17), according to Jiangsu Provincial Department of Science and Technology.

The white paper, published by the Institute of Information and Software Industry of CCID Think Tank, made the evaluation based on in-depth comparative analysis of the development of policy system, industrial foundation, industrial chain, and industrial ecosystem of China’s 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities under the jurisdiction of the central government from the perspective of three key areas concerning the big data sector—the environment for development, industrial development, and application.

The white paper showed that Jiangsu’s performances in the above-mentioned three key areas were well balanced. It ranked the national second in terms of the environment for development with an index value of 42.77, topping the nation in the aspect of information infrastructure with an index value of 65.93. In the area of industrial development, it ranked the national third with an index value of 51.82, under which it scored 63.28, 57.9, 51.77 respectively in the measurement of industrial scale, number of enterprises, and innovation capacity, all among the top three in China. The province was in fourth place when it came to big data application, with an index value of 53.9, under which it scored 56.57 in the aspect of application in industry, remaining in first place in China.