12 comprehensive demonstration counties for high-quality e-commerce development in rural areas newly added in Zhejiang

Recently, the Ministry of Commerce announced the list of (the first batch) comprehensive demonstration counties for e-commerce development in rural areas in 2021. 12 new counties in Zhejiang are on the list, granted 115 million yuan from the central government. Up to now, there are 34 comprehensive demonstration counties for e-commerce in rural areas, of which 16 are mountainous counties, accounting for 47%.

It is learned that these 12 demonstration counties include Wenling City, Cangnan County, Pinghu City, Tonglu County, Deqing County, Longquan City, Qingtian County, Xianju County, Lanxi City, Xinchang County, Dongyang City, and Ruian City. It is worth mentioning that Ruian City has received supervision incentives for “successfully promoting the modernization of agricultural product circulation, actively developing rural e-commerce, and effectively linking production and marketing”. This is the third consecutive year when a country in Zhejiang has won the State Council’s supervision incentives for e-commerce in rural areas.

The person in charge from the E-commerce Division of the Department of Commerce of Zhejiang Province introduced that this division will focus on supporting the rural e-commerce public service system, the logistics distribution system at the county, township and village levels, the rural commerce and trade circulation system, and the e-commerce-driven entrepreneurship and employment system; it will encourage the use of loan interest allowance, purchase services, and rewards for subsidies, speed up the progress of fund allocation, improve the efficiency of the use of funds, and leverage social capital through central fiscal funds, to jointly promote the high-quality development of rural e-commerce, and promote the transformation and upgrading of the rural commerce and trade circulation system.