Marine Energy Industry and Technology Forum Held

On July 28th, Marine Energy Industry and Technology Forum was held in Hangzhou. The participants discussed and shared their views on the opportunities, challenges, representative experiments and cases of offshore floating photovoltaic power plants.

Since the concept of building a new power system centering on new energy was proposed, to develop PV-centered new energy has become an important element of the 14th Five-Year Plan and the Long Range Objectives Through the Year 2035. As the installed capacity of PV power plants continues to grow, land is becoming one of the key factors limiting the application scale of PV technology. According to Li Baoming, general manager of CRRC Wind Power Shandong Co. Ltd., China’s mainland coastline is 18,000 km long, and more than 3 million sq km of sea area can be utilized. In theory, nearly 700 million kilowatts of offshore PV energy can be installed. With a huge reservoir of exploitable offshore wind and solar energy, to expand marine energy may become an important strategy for China’s energy mix transformation.

At present, the water-based PV system have two main forms: pile-based and floating, which are applied to different scenarios. Zhang Xiaoming, executive director and general manager of ZNZC New Energy Technology Co. Ltd., commented that in terms of development prospects, floating PV technology is growing to be the third pillar following land-based centralized PV and roof-based decentralized PV technologies. Since floating PV power plants do not occupy lands or damage the water environment, and has a relatively strong electricity generating capacity, over 60 countries are promoting offshore floating PV power plants. In the next five years, more than 60 gigawatts of electricity is expected to be generated using this technology.