Lycoris in Bloom, the Very Definition of Midsummer Romance

The climax of summer usually comes with scorching heat waves and blooming summer flowers, in particular, the lycoris.

Several varieties of lycoris, including Lycoris chinensis Traub, Lycoris longituba and Lycoris sprengeri are now in early blossom in Hangzhou Botanical Garden. Scattering along the main road to the Garden’s south gate, in the Economic Plants Garden, the Botany Classification Garden and the Baicao (hundred herbs) Garden, these flowers, though haven’t reached the stage of blooming into big swath, are nonetheless elegant in their own way.

In November 2016, China Flower Association and National Forestry and Grassland Administration released the first batch of National Banks of Germplasm Resources of Ornamental Plants. Three organizations from Zhejiang made it to the list and one of them is Hangzhou Botanical Garden, which is also the only national bank of lycoris germplasm resources.

Over the years, Hangzhou Botanical Garden has made remarkable achievements in the introduction, cultivation, seed selection, conservation, and germplasm resources optimization of lycoris. It has experimented on the hybrid of 10 different combinations of over a thousand lycoris plants and conserved about 100 germplasm resources of 25 cultivars. Of various cultivars planted in the Garden, which amount to some one million bulbs, six have gained internationally recognized status as new cultivars. In December 2019, new lycoris cultivars submitted by Hangzhou Botanical Garden made a hit at Beijing Expo 2019, bagging platinum, gold, silver and bronze awards, ten in total.