Open up “new track” for Changchun’s opening-up and development

The China-ROK (Changchun) International Cooperation Demonstration Zone, which has been approved for more than a year, is full of vitality. The Comprehensive Health Industrial Park with the heavy ion hospital project as the core, the Carbon Neutrality Industrial Park led by the SPIC Changchun Hydrogen Energy Industrial Base and the Ping An International Cooperation Industrial Park for Electric Energy New Materials Intelligent Manufacturing are all located in the zone. High-end medical care, intelligent manufacturing and carbon neutrality have become the “new track” for high-quality development anchored by the zone. 51 projects worth more than 100 million yuan are speeding up construction progress.

In accordance with the overall requirements of all-round and wide-ranging cooperation between China and the Republic of Korea (ROK), the demonstration zone has promoted coordinated development of China-ROK politics, culture, science and technology, education, people-to-people exchanges and other fields, stepped up efforts to establish a coordination mechanism and steadily boosted international cooperation. At present, with the strong support of provincial and municipal foreign affairs departments, a regular exchange mechanism with the ROK North Commission has been established. The two sides have carried out international exchange activities through mutual visits, video links and on-site inspections, with more than 50 video links. The zone has actively connected with local governments of the ROK, built relationships with 17 provinces and metropolitan cities in the ROK, and promoted the “China-ROK City Pavilion” Project.

As the geographical center of Northeast Asia, the China-ROK demonstration zone has gave full play to its location advantages, vigorously promoted the combination of policies and channels and expanded international cooperation. On one hand, it has formulated and issued special policies for international cooperation, set the Hainan Free Trade Port as a benchmark, reviewed the positive list on tax policies, shortened the negative list and made new breakthroughs in industrial, investment, trade and talent policies. On the other, it has actively set up international corridors. To the east, open the Hunchun-Zarubino Port-Japan and the ROK-Ningbo freight route to realize trade and industrial exchanges with Japan, the ROK and Russia through multimodal transport. To the west, take advantage of the China-Europe freight-train service to strengthen cooperation with European countries and SCO members, and make full use of the Belt and Road new northern line to create a central hub for international cooperation. At the same time, the zone has established a bonded function, planned to set up duty-free stores and built a platform for international trade facilitation in Northeast Asia.

The demonstration zone, since its establishment, has signed 13 foreign investment projects with CJ Group, TMS, etc. This year, a number of international cooperation projects such as Daesang Food, Senzhong Intelligent Equipment and Foxconn Smart Agriculture have been introduced to sign into the zone.

According to the development goals of the zone, by 2025, bilateral and multilateral economic exchanges and cooperation between China and the ROK should be comprehensively promoted, the core competitiveness of specialty industries should be significantly enhanced, and a high-quality international platform for opening-up and cooperation should be initially built.