Innovative construction of social security public service platform in Jilin province

By the end of this May, Changchun, as a pilot city for promoting the social security public service platform in the province, had registered 53,000 unit users, 885,000 individual users and 861,000 WeChat users on the online platform for social security public services. The online service hall and WeChat mini-program had handled 2.757 million transactions in total, and 75 percent of all service items had been handled online without the need to be physically present.

Led by information system, establish service platform at different levels, and build a wide-ranging network for social security services. In recent years, with the provincial social security public service platform as the core and the improvement of offline and online services as the “two wings”, Jilin province has given overall consideration to the application of “Internet+” and big data in the field of social security, achieved unified social security public services, handling procedures, service process, information management mechanism and business coordination mechanism, and fostered a top-down grid-based management service system. The province has also extended the social security service window to townships (sub-districts), villages (communities) and cooperative institutions, ensured the last kilometer delivery of grass-roots services, and made the social security business available nearby.

Enabled by big data, share multiple service terminals, and build an intelligent network for social security services. By driving data-enabled business reengineering of the whole social security chain, the province has reduced business application materials and handling processes, and created an internet-based, open-ended, digital and intelligent business handling system with online service halls for units, individuals and communities, a WeChat mini-program and relevant business management function areas for public services. The province has formed a three-dimensional service network for social security business, and made efforts to enable service objects to handle their social security matters anytime and anywhere.

Driven by digitization, multiple departments jointly govern, and build a coordination network for social security services. The provincial social security system has used platform thinking to promote the joint construction, governance and sharing of multiple government departments, pushed the connection between the information management system and the government data sharing platform, shared data with departments of urban supervision, civil affairs, justice, housing management, medical insurance, provident fund and taxation, and made full use of related government service data to realize business collaboration and certification cuts for the convenience of people. Through direct matchmaking with 8 banks, WeChat, Alipay and other institutions, the province has realized the digitalization of social security and financial public services. For the elderly, the disabled and other special groups, the province has adhered to the parallel innovation of traditional services and intelligent services and has carried out cooperation with Jishi Media based on the open-ended business handling system.