Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone—Create “new highland” for opening-up

Changchun Xinglong Comprehensive Bonded Zone is the first state-level comprehensive bonded zone in Jilin province, and its core function is export processing. In recent years, relying on the advantages of “four in one” external logistics and transportation channels, the zone with the development mode of “port + channel” has become a “new highland” of opening-up and a “test field” of reform in the province.

With the implementation of key projects, the radiation driving role, industrial agglomeration role and pilot demonstration role of the zone have further enhanced. With the continuous improvement of international land port platform, processing trade platform, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive service platform, cold chain logistics clearance platform, as well as import and export commodity exhibition and trading platform, the bridgehead role of the zone for opening-up has become increasingly prominent.

Today, the zone is opening its door even wider to the world and playing an increasingly prominent role in radiating and serving the export-oriented economy of the city and even the province. It has attracted projects of strategic emerging industries including intelligent manufacturing, photoelectric information, new materials and biomedicine. Many Fortune Global 500 corporations and leading firms have held out olive branches.

In terms of project introduction, the zone takes innovation as the engine to build a gathering place for emerging industries. Intelligent manufacturing projects represented by the Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park and the Xinglong Industrial Park have become a new force in the industrial development of the Economic and Technological Development Zone. Meanwhile, the zone focuses on promoting intelligent production process and cultivating new production methods. The signing of 21 projects, such as the Wufeng Semiconductor Technology Compound Wafer Project with an investment of about 5.265 billion yuan and the Genxin Fresh Food Project with the integration of purchase, marketing and service, has formed the agglomeration effect, scale effect and leading effect of emerging industries in the zone.

Relying on its location and policy advantages, the zone has built five open platforms for international land port, cross-border e-commerce comprehensive services, cold chain logistics, foreign resource processing, as well as testing and maintenance, cultivated the industrial economy, truly made Changchun a frontier of opening to the world, and developed into a new highland for regional opening and cooperation.