1st customized bus line in Jilin city starts trial operation

Recently, the 1st customized bus line in Jilin city officially went into service. “There is no need to wait for the bus and transfer, which saves time”, said passenger Yu.

In May, Jilin Public Transport Group collected customized bus lines on the Jilin Travel app to find groups with common travel needs on the internet and provide customized ride-sharing services. Online ticket booking is adopted for the customized bus service. When the number of people making reservations reaches a certain standard, the bus line will be put into operation. Passengers can take the ride by scanning the QR code obtained by booking. This kind of customized bus service is based on route mileage as the pricing yardstick, and diverse vehicle models are configured with different bus lines with different fares to ensure that passengers can enjoy the most cost-effective travel service.

After more than one month of inspection, sorting and analysis, Jilin Public Transport Group has gathered common travel elements and planned a customized bus line from Longtanshan Garden to Jilin Station West Square for weekday operation. After another month of public recruitment, the number of pre-purchased passengers has reached the opening demand. The trial operation of the bus line will start on August 2.

The departure time, direction and stop of the bus line are set according to the travel survey filled out by passengers in advance, which marks another solid step for the company in integrating passenger demand and public transport resources and in expanding the scope of bus service, according to Jilin Public Transport Group.

Jilin Public Transport Group will collect more customized routes for work and school on weekdays and shopping and tourism on weekends to meet the travel needs of citizens.