Stable and positive economic development in the first half of 2021 in Eco-city

On August 2, Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city (the Eco-city) held a work meeting for the first half of 2021. In the first half of this year, the Eco-city’s economic development was steadily improving, with all eight major indicators increasing positively, achieving more than half of the time and task. Among them, GDP increased by 18.7% while fixed asset investment by 10%, and the construction progress of 175 key projects at the city and district levels exceeded 50%, maintaining a good development momentum.

Agglomeration and upgrading of leading industries

In the first half of 2021, the number of market entities in the Eco-city market increased rapidly. As of the end of June, the total number of market entities exceeded 11,000. Among them, the number of enterprises such as cultural creativity, intelligent technology, specialty finance, and headquarters trade all achieved rapid growth. The three leading industries have accelerated their concentration, and the quality and efficiency have been steadily improved.

The Eco-city focuses on the real economy, subdivides 9 industrial chains such as artificial intelligence and biomedicine around key enterprises that have settled down, continues to introduce large projects and good projects, and focuses on highlighting leading companies such as FAW Toyota, State Grid Ruijia, and Tsinghua Electronics Information Research Institute, which have a leading role in accelerating gathering of upstream and downstream enterprises.

Continuous release of new development momentum

Introduction of new kinetic energy is a leading indicator of high-quality development. In the first half of 2021, the number of new national technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises, the number of newly-incubated companies, and the number of newly-added technology contract registrations in the Eco-city all achieved rapid growth. 60 companies were included in the 2021 high-tech enterprise cultivation bank, and 66 companies were included in the long-term cultivation bank. 194 national-level technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises were recognized, and the scientific and technological innovation results accelerated.

Emerging industries of the Eco-city have grown rapidly. This year it has attracted a number of digital economy and platform economic projects such as the Blue Focus New Media Operation Center and H Chips Technology Group Corporation to settle down, and new development momentum has continued to be released.

Highlighting advantages of city brands

During the Fifth World Intelligence Conference held this year, the Eco-city hosted a number of forums and themed activities, invited 3 academicians and more than 500 representatives to gather in the Eco-city, signed 14 leading companies, and released 2 white papers, i.e., the Ecological City and Smart City.

In the process of actively undertaking the Beijing non-capital functional relief project, the urban brands of “Ecological City”, “Smart City” and “Happy City” have significantly enhanced attractiveness of the Eco-city. This year, 15 state-owned enterprises have settled in their affiliated companies.

The Eco-city successfully held the first Global Tourism Festival, further highlighting the brand effect of global tourism. Since the beginning of 2021, overall tourist reception volume of the Eco-city has exceeded 2.6 million, and the reception volume of tourists during the Clear and Bright Festival and the “May Day” holiday all hit a record high in the same period in history.

Next, the Eco-city will continue to strengthen effectiveness of investment promotion, step up efforts to build projects, ensure stable operation of finances, continue to strengthen the smart city brand, build a characteristic global tourism pattern, focus on safety, harmony and stability, and build an “Ecological City” “Smart City” and “Happy City” with high standards.