Dongjiang FTP: High-quality development guarded by “two wings” of rule of law 13:16 Society

The reporter learned from the Dongjiang Free Trade Port a few days ago that Dongjiang FTP focuses on the national and Tianjin business environment evaluation index system, benchmarks against advanced areas, takes service and innovation as the starting point, solves problems for companies and masses, and takes the lead in reform and innovation. It tests policies to create a first-class business environment that is market-oriented, based on rule of law, international and convenient in all respects. Among various measures to optimize the business environment, building of rule of law has lots of highlights.

Judicial escort for financial leasing innovation business

As a region with the largest financial leasing industry and the most innovative models in China, the proposed new financing model for intellectual property financial leasing has attracted great attention from government and enterprises, but legal and practical obstacles to eligibility of intangible assets financial leasing subject matter have become a shackle and practical problem for innovation and development of the industry.

In order to solve this problem, the Dongjiang Administrative Committee has jointly explored with regulatory authorities and judicial departments, and took the lead in piloting the financial leasing business of intangible assets based on trademarks, patents, and copyrights in Binhai New Area, to build a multi-party exchange platform for governments, enterprises, and judicial agencies to accumulate guarantees regulatory experience in the development of relevant business compliance. At the same time, in conjunction with the court of Dongjiang Financial Leasing Center, it conducted special investigations on intangible asset financial leasing, creatively proposed trial guidelines for intangible asset financial leasing, and provided theoretical guidance for judicial judgments.

In the first half of 2021, the Dongjiang Financial Leasing Center Court pronounced on Tianjin’s first case involving intangible asset financing lease contract disputes, and used preliminary results obtained by the Dongjiang Administrative Committee and the courts through a large number of early legal practice explorations in the form of precedents to provide strong legal support for external display as well as sufficient innovation momentum to promote transformation and upgrading of the financial leasing industry. It also provides innovative demonstration cases for overall development of the leasing industry in China.

Building a new judicial platform to provide diversified services

In May of 2021, the Dongjiang Administrative Committee and the Binhai New Area Court formally signed a contract to unveil the Dongjiang Diversified Dispute Co-governance Center, and established a supporting judicial service platform integrating mediation, arbitration, notarization and litigation based on industrial characteristics of Dongjiang FTP. The first batch of 5 professional legal service institutions and corresponding commercial “mediators” have all settled or taken up their posts to provide enterprises with diversified dispute solutions.

At the same time, the Dongjiang Bureau of Human Resources and Social Security, the Bureau of Planning and Construction, and the Federation of Trade Unions organized a special training session on “Migrant Workers’ Wage Payment Guarantee”, inviting all personnel in charge of projects under construction in Dongjiang FTP to participate in common misunderstandings in implementation of labor security laws and regulations such as the Labor Contract Law and Regulations on Guaranteeing Payment of Migrant Workers’ Wages, and further clarify legal obligations and responsibilities of various types of construction or labor subcontracting units in ensuring payment of migrant workers’ wages. By standardizing awareness of legal employment of enterprises, it provides practical legal protection for migrant workers without “worrying about payment”.

Introducing a new plan to build a legal business environment

Recently, the “Dongjiang Three-Year Action Plan for Optimizing Business Environment-Division of Tasks for the 2021 Action Plan” was officially issued, focusing on China’s 18 first-level indicators of business environment and four dimensions of government environment, market environment, legal environment and humanistic environment. It put forward 28 key tasks and 121 specific reform measures for business environment in Dongjiang FTP in 2021, and focused on the core goal of optimizing annual business environment on “doing practical things for the people and enterprises, providing new momentum for development of emerging industries in Dongjiang FTP, and striving to build a full life cycle service chain for enterprises”. Dongjiang FTP will continue to uphold the business environment construction concept of “the rule of law is the best business environment”, and create a rule of law environment featuring “judicial justice, sound and standardized systems, perfect market system, superior government functional structure system, and strong organizational guarantee mechanism”. The business environment has been guarded by the “two wings” of rule of law for high-quality development of Dongjiang FTP.