Zhejiang sets out to renovate urban and rural images

A conference on urban and rural image improvement and future community construction was held in Tonglu on July 29. The reporter learned from the meeting that Zhejiang will make a strong start to promote great improvement of urban and rural images, improve the quality of future communities and high-quality construction of beautiful Zhejiang, and accelerate the creation of great urban and rural images and community scenes, so as to add a strong touch to the high-quality development of a common prosperity demonstration area.

Starting from the second half of this year, the province will start a comprehensive action to improve urban and rural images, so as to create a strategic pattern of “overall beauty with Zhejiang temperament”. Every year, about 50 urban model areas and 30 rural model areas will be created, from which 20 urban areas and 10 county areas will be selected with the title of “Agreeable Dwellings for the New Era”. By 2023, a group of iconic achievements highlighting our images as “windows” will be presented; by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, an overall urban and rural style with Zhejiang flavor will initially take shape.

At the same time, the quality for the future community construction in our province will be greatly improved, forming the basic units reflecting “the overall beauty with Zhejiang temperament”. The construction of future communities is taken as a necessary condition for creating a model area of urban and rural images, which will be promoted simultaneously. Based on the previous experience, centering on scene shaping + community construction, we will turn the future community concept into the universal form and requirement of urban and rural modernization.