The Integration of Tourism and Ceramic Industry Makes a Success of

In midsummer, the sun is scorching. In the Botanical Garden of Yi’an County, where the flowers are in full bloom and the vegetation is verdant, tourists from all over the country come in a continuous stream.

In order to promote the rapid development of tourism, Yi’an County deeply integrates tourism and ceramics industry to implement the ceramic industry transformation and upgrading plan. Focusing on the two main lines of ceramic cultural experience dissemination and ceramic enterprise market development, it integrates enterprises, markets, brands, funds and other factors, in order to fully promote the transformation and upgrading of the ceramic industry. Combined with the construction of the first “Hexiang Longci Ceramics Experience Hall” in Qiqihar, Liaojinyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd. displays ceramic products in the Visitor Center of Yi’an County Botanical Garden, by means of participating in interaction, sightseeing experience, online invitations, and Internet celebrities live broadcast and direct sales on site, etc., in order to build a new platform for external sales and display of corporate products, in accordance with the industrialization thinking and market operation requirements determined by the county party committee. Meanwhile, it also integrates tourism with other local specialty industries. Through the establishment of a visitor center, it brings special products such as ceramics, goose, hot and sour noodles, and organic food “into” the visitor center as souvenirs in the hands of tourists.

As reported by Liu Shuiyan, general manager of Liaojinyuan Ceramics Co., Ltd., “The reason why Liaojinyuan Ceramics has settled in Yi’an County and achieved rapid development is mainly due to the rich kaolin, colored soil and other mineral resources, good policies formulated by Yi’an County, and thoughtful and enthusiastic services from all relevant departments. In the face of bottlenecks for the development, Yi’an County has built an offline sales center for us to deeply integrate tourism and ceramics industry, for the purpose of mutual promotion and joint development of ceramics and tourism. At present, lots of customers have come to our sales center, reaching 200 to 400 person-times every day. They not only contribute the promotion of brands of Northern Porcelain Capital and Hexiang Longci Porcelain but also gather energy for the development of the ceramic industry.”

In order to promote the development of the ceramic industry, Yi’an Ziou Ceramics Co., Ltd. has develop new products in the ceramic industry in accordance with the requirements of Yi’an County Party Committee “digging into the market potential by expanding to the fields of colored pottery, antique porcelain, ceramic experience molds, educational ceramics, teaching aids, etc. based on production of daily-used porcelain and craft porcelain . With colored soil (purple sand), kaolin, and quartz stone from Yi’an ore as the main materials, it prepares the raw ore mud without any chemical materials by mixing with the medical stone from Nianzi Mountain. The ceramic products produced by the Company not only have the air permeability of purple clay ceramics, but also contain the minerals of medical stone. Now, the above mentioned products have obtained national patents.