Jiangsu promotes the implementation of high-quality food projects with provincial public brands

In recent years, according to the Decisions on the In-depth Implementation of the “Quality Food Project” by the Ministry of Finance and the National Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, Jiangsu province has made unified arrangements, focusing on cultivating the provincial public brand named “Shuiyun Sumi (Jiangsu Specialty Rice)”, and promoting the brand of Sumi throughout the country.

Relying on the brand advantage of “Shuiyun Sumi”, Jiangsu has supported and established 50 “Sumi” core enterprises and a batch of “Sumi” demonstration bases featuring good rice seeds and good ecology. Since “Shuiyun Sumi” won the regional brand gold prize in the first International Rice Expo in 2018, the brand of “Shuiyun Sumi” has continuously expanded its development boundaries in the past three years. At present, there are 70 “Jiangsu Good Grain & Oil Products” and 13 “China Good Grain & Oil Products”, and the accumulated high-quality grain output has been improved by over 13 million tons. Farmers’ income has been increased by more than RMB 1 billion, and the grain sold to other provinces is over 5 million tons annually. The development of “Satisfying Jiangsu Grain” app will boost grain purchase orders and truly realize the sale of superior grain at good prices. Jiangsu province has also compiled the first “Sumi” group standard for the whole industrial chain in China, and formulated the Three-year Action Plan for Sumi Brand Building, controlling the quality of raw grain from the source. By the end of last year, the planting area of rice with excellent taste in Jiangsu was over 12 million mu, with an annual increase of over 10% year-on-year. The high-quality rate of rice and wheat in Jiangsu increased by over 30%, and high-quality grain output growth exceeded 2.5 million tons.

Xia Chunsheng, Party Secretary and Director of Jiangsu Provincial Food and Strategic Reserves Administration, said that Jiangsu regards high-quality grain projects as an important starting point for implementing the spirit of the 19th National Congress of the CPC and the strategy of rural revitalization. Efforts will be made to promote the purchase of what consumers prefer in economic circulation, guide agricultural production accordingly, and create a new land of fish and rice.