Foreign trade product exhibition turns online

A large exhibition of foreign trade products scheduled to be held from July 30 to Aug 1 in Xiamen, East China’s Fujian province, was cancelled in order to assist the city’s pandemic prevention and control work.

The exhibition was instead held online on July 30, and the livestreaming studio was located at Lujiang Hotel on Zhongshan Road, where more than 20 carefully-selected foreign trade products made in Xiamen were introduced. Intelligent devices, massage facilities, clothing, shoes, hats, bags, lamps, lanterns, pet supplies, furniture, and coffees were all included in the exhibition, with some of them being sold at a discount.

Special columns were also created on domestic mainstream e-commerce platforms, such as Douyin, JD, 1688, and Lifeease, to promote Xiamen-made foreign trade products.

There were at total of 16 foreign trade enterprises participating in the online exhibition with their 25 flagship products. The price given in the livestreaming studio was far less than market price.

Lin Zhenya, deputy director of Xiamen’s bureau of commerce, said that although it was a pity to cancel the on-site part of the exhibition, residents could appreciate these top-class foreign products through livestreaming all the same.