Pension and welfare institutions in Jiangsu will temporarily enter enclosed management

On July 21, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Civil Affairs held a video & telephone conference on epidemic prevention and control in Jiangsu civil affairs system and issued the Emergency Notice on Further Strengthening Epidemic Prevention and Control in the Civil Affairs. According to the requirements of the Notice, from now on, all kinds of civil service institutions will follow strict epidemic control measures, and old-age service institutions, child welfare institutions and civil mental health welfare institutions will enter enclosed management, so as to resolutely safeguard the life safety and health of Jiangsu residents.

The Notice requires local community old-age home care service centers (stations), children’s “care homes”, community rehabilitation service points for people with mental disorders and other service places to suspend gathering activities and centralized dining. Civil affairs service agencies such as funeral service agencies, marriage registration agencies, welfare lottery sales agencies, etc. should pay attention to controlling the number of service site personnel, and strictly prevent the risk of epidemic spread caused by gathering. Home-based door-to-door services should focus on ensuring the fundamental needs of the elderly, and the door-to-door service personnel should strictly protect themselves and conduct daily body temperature monitoring. Funeral service institutions should implement corresponding prevention and control measures, ensure effective ventilation, cleaning and disinfection in relevant areas, and strictly follow the requirements of body disposal standard.