5 goals and 28 measures to boost Xiamen’s digital business

In order to guide the digital and intelligent transformation of Xiamen’s business areas, the Xiamen municipal bureau of commerce recently issued a document that lists five goals as well as 28 detailed measures to ensure the high-quality development of digital businesses.

The bureau calls for the trade digitalization, the in-depth fusion of the digital economy and service trade, redoubled efforts to boost emerging digital industrial clusters, the improvement of port digitization and the establishment of a digital business ecosystem.

Xiamen is urged in the document to cultivate new entities of digitalized businesses, construct on-site digital platforms, raise the digital service quality in cross-border e-commerce, explore overseas markets through digital channels, create new growth points in digital service trade, encourage information technology services, such as software, social media, cloud computing and satellite positioning, to go global, and continue to advance the construction of national culture and technology integration demonstration bases and national cultural export bases.

The city is also required to make convenience stores more brand-oriented, chain-based, and intelligent. Special attention should be given to the digital transformation of consumption, which can be facilitated by the integration of online and offline promotion campaigns and the launch of themed festivals on food, shopping and so on.

The document also attaches importance to the role played by the digital economy in business promotion, exhibitions and fairs, and public services.