Optics Valley releases talent policy to support construction of East Lake Science City

The Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone (Optics Valley of China) issued 11 new measures on July 27 to enhance the talent attraction ability of East Lake Science City, which includes articles like providing top scientists with up to 100-million-yuan fund without compensation and setting up 1-billion-yuan investment guidance fund for Optics Valley partners.

These new measures, relating to income incentives, settlement and housing, medical care, education, service guarantee and many other aspects, plus the package of 3551 Optics Valley Talent Schema, are the most favorable policies for talents attraction in Optics Valley so far.

Top scientists such as Nobel Prize winners, Turing Prize winners, academicians at home and abroad who would like to settle in Optics Valley, can receive discretionary fund up to 100 million yuan; leading talents can be given financial support at 50 percent of their annual salary; for high-level talents, a maximum financial support of 10 million yuan can be granted. In addition, both high-end service talents and outstanding talents under the age of 35 can enjoy corresponding financial support.

Since last year, Hubei and Wuhan have proposed to accelerate the construction of the “Optics Valley sci-tech innovation corridor”, which is cored by the East Lake Science City and home to Optics Valley, Luojia, Jiangcheng, Jiufeng Mountain and Donghu laboratories. Major scientific and technological projects such as high-end biomedical imaging facilities, Wuhan artificial intelligence computing center, and many large-scale scientific facilities are in full swing in the province. These cutting-edge and leading innovation breakthroughs are inseparable from talents, especially the support from high-end leaders and top talents.

To this end, Optics Valley will authorize the five laboratories to independently attract talents, and establish an independent talent introduction base for “3551 Optics Valley Talent Schema ”, each of which will be granted 10 million yuan each year. What’s more, special policies for talents can be customized for key industrial enterprises such as integrated circuits, biomedicine, and artificial intelligence.

In order to facilitate the cross-border flow of foreign talents, Optics Valley will also promote the establishment of a green channel for permanent residence and ease the recommendation conditions for permanent residence of high-level foreign talents. A residence permit for private affairs with a validity period within 5 years can be directly issued to foreign high-level talents who are in urgent need of innovation and entrepreneurship.

At present, Optics Valley is planning to build international communities in the East Lake Science City in a bid to provide housing for top scientists and qualified leading talents.