Multiple measures to promote economic development of streets and towns

The Economic Operation Analysis Conference and the Working Conference on Accelerating the Economic Development of Streets and Towns in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) in the first half of 2021 made arrangements for accelerating the economic development of streets and towns, and launched a set of policies. Those policies range from strengthening top-level design, expanding development space, and accelerating industrial upgrading to strengthening policy support, improving systems and mechanisms, empowering streets and towns in terms of financial support, staffing, and decentralization, aiming to promote the realization of economy high-quality development in streets and towns.

What is the key to the high-quality economic development of streets and towns? It lies in firmly establishing the idea of “a game of chess”, giving play to unique advantages, coordinating advancement, and integrating development. To achieve a strong manufacturing area, TBNA will strengthen investment promotion, and promote the implementation of physical projects. Streets and towns need to provide land support to optimize the development space; to promote the coordinated development of the industrial chain, connect the chain and strengthen the chain, streets and towns need to provide services and build the development pattern of leading industries supporting the area; to promote the prosperity of industries, revitalize the countryside, and achieve common prosperity, it is more necessary to improve development capacity of streets and towns, and make all efforts to build them into new positions for economic development, supporting areas for the development of leading industries, gathering areas for the development of small, medium and micro enterprises as well as vitality of holiday leisure economy district, to achieve characteristic development, coordinated development, integrated development and high-quality development. The major industrial towns developed in TBNA are in the development zones, but the resource endowments of the streets and towns are also unique. Giving play to their respective “strengths”, through in-depth integration, to stimulate the potential of the streets and towns, and to expand and strengthen the economy of the streets and towns will not only help strengthen their development strength, improve their modernization level of governance capabilities, but also help expand the overall development of TBNA. They will improve the industrial chain and provide a strong guarantee for the realization of high-quality development in TBNA.

Where is the path for the high-quality development of the street and town economy? It lies in improving development ability and level in accordance with local conditions. Only by focusing on key issues, targeting efforts, emancipating the mind, breaking through system and mechanism barriers, and working hard, can we take the lead in promoting the economic development of streets and towns. Only by insisting that the project is king, firmly grasping the key issue of investment attraction, clarifying the industrial positioning, deepening cooperation with various development zones and government economic departments, attracting investment around the “1+3+4” industrial layout, enriching the investment attraction force, and improving investment and service mechanism can effectively improve the effectiveness of investment promotion and promote sound and rapid development of the street and town economy. Only by insisting on focusing on the big and not letting the small and “intensive cultivation” in the industry segmentation field, can we cultivate more industry “hidden champions” and form a vivid situation of “overwhelming” development of small, medium and micro enterprises. Only by focusing on resource endowments, adhering to differentiated development with characteristics, and achieving “we have what others don’t, what they have we have better”, can we effectively enhance the overall strength and overall competitiveness of streets and towns, and realize revitalization of the countryside and prosperity of the people.

TBNA will fully promote high-quality development of street and town economy while the goal is set, and the clarion call is sounded. Only by hard work, consolidate work, massive work and quick work, with a sense of urgency that time does not wait, through insisting on joint creation, can we go all out to promote project construction to speed up and increase efficiency, and do a good job in economic development and social governance. By comprehensively enhancing overall economic strength and competition of streets and towns can we contribute to building the beautiful “Binhai City”.