Summer travel to internet-famous “Binhai City” becomes a hit

On July 20, the Popsicle Festival in Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park opened, making the summer tourism market in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) more attractive. At the same time, in Tianjin Yili Ecological World-Elf Paradise, one can enjoy the national intangible cultural heritage project-Iron Flower; in Tianjin Happy Water Cube, one can surf as much as he/she wants… With the arrival of summer vacation, the “Binhai City” tourist market continues to become a hit, and TBNA has also become a popular tourist destination.

Abundant activities in the “Binhai City” with endless fun

“Look, there you can eat popsicles!” Recently, the third “Summer Popsicle Festival” of Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park officially opened. The reporter saw on the scene that this Popsicle Festival was themed with nostalgia. On-site retro supply and marketing cooperatives, small shops, Popsicle stalls, sales cars and other chronological themed sales points, led citizens to travel through time and explore together memory of the past, which has attracted many tourists to come to take pictures.

During the Popsicle Festival, the much-watched Ice Age Pavilion also officially opened for customers. In the pavilion, visitors can see eye-catching ice-bound prehistoric beasts, explore primitive life of the mysterious Inuit people, and the rich and interesting Winter Olympics Science Corridor, allowing visitors to more intuitively understand the knowledge of ice and snow sports. “Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park will carefully plan special events with different themes during each festival or summer vacation. This summer Popsicle Festival is to continue to cultivate unique activity IP of the aquarium, while taking advantage of the park’s icy advantages in the north and south poles. It will bring citizens refreshing enjoyment.” said Wang Bing, marketing director of Tianjin Haichang Polar Ocean Park.

If one hasn’t played enough during the day, he/she can enjoy the night. As one of the key activities of the second nightlife festival of the Haihe International Consumption Season, Tianjin Yili Ecological World-Elf Paradise held a panda lantern festival, held iron flowers and Tang Palace night banquet dances on Saturdays and Sundays, and opened the Panda Mansion and Lujia Manor Bay Manor as well as many other indoor pavilions, to enrich the night experience program. At around 7:30 in the evening on July 18, the reporter saw on the lawn of Tianjin Yili Ecological World-Elf Paradise Center that many tourists came here early to wait. With the official start of the performance, the rain of iron flowers bloomed in the sky, attracting continuous admiration from visitors. Ms. Chen from the Jingshanyuan Community of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, after learning that Tianjin Yili Ecological World-Elf Paradise will perform the iron flower, immediately brought her children to watch. She said: “I’ve never been able to watch it with my own eyes. Now that the performance has come to TBNA, we can enjoy it at the door of our house”.

As one of the top ten nighttime economic district consumption activities in the “Binhai City” international consumption season, Tianjin Fantawild “Hi Beer Ice Drink Festival” also launched a series of activities to bring tourists to enjoy the cool summer. From July 10th to August 22nd, Tianjin Fantawild Theme Park’s business hours were extended to 21 o’clock every day, officially opening the night carnival time. During 44 days and nights full of laughter, Fangtawild Castle will continuously open the laser show to light up the summer night starry sky in Tianjin. In order to give tourists a unique summer experience, Tianjin Fantawild spent a lot of money to build a castle summer fair. The market opens at 18 o’clock every day. There are not only the unique “party specific time”, the “all-you-can-drink station” and “dessert fairy tales” that include various high-value iced desserts, and the “dessert fairy tale” that gathers special snacks from all over the world. “Flavor Hall” and “Hi Beer Partner”, as well as themed performances of the castle stage including guitar playing and singing, women’s group dance, will allow visitors to reap the multiple satisfaction of audiovisual and taste buds.

Cool for a summer with water, carnival and fun

In the hot summer, cool water projects are naturally popular with tourists. Tianjin Fantawild Water Park, which opened on June 6 this year, has become the “new favorite” of tourism in “Binhai City”. The park is another boutique tourism project created by Huaqiang Fantawild Group. The park has designed and constructed nearly a hundred characteristic landscapes with the theme of “Bear Infested” animation IP elements, and creatively created a double-layer infinity pool with multiple functions such as diving, swimming and leisure, as well as a thrilling and decompressing “super loudspeaker”. It also has many other special water projects, and many amusement facilities suitable for parent-child family experience. Peng Xiaoyu, a tourist from Kaili City, Guizhou Province, took his family to travel to Beijing and Tianjin during the summer vacation. “The children are very happy to live in bear-infested hotels and play in Fantawild Water Park.” He said.

As an “old brand” of “Binhai City” water park, Tianjin Happy Water Cube naturally attracted the most tourists during the summer vacation, including newly added water rollers, pedals and other water amusement projects this year, providing tourists with a richer choice of play. At the same time, the “internet famous” pink beach that attracts many tourists has also expanded from 200 square meters to 1,000 square meters, bringing visitors an unprecedented sensory experience. The Happy Water Cube 2021 Tsunami Electronic Music Festival officially opened a few days ago. The water trapeze interacts closely with tourists and combines 3D electric sound, light performances and tsunami wave making effects, making tourists’ surfing experience and visual and auditory experience more shocking. It adds more joyful memories for citizens and tourists in the “Binhai City” summer night.

The ocean is an important tourism resource in TBNA. Since July, the only beach waterfront in Beijing and Tianjin-Dongjiang Bay Beach Scenic Spot has also ushered in a peak of passenger flow. The person in charge of the Dongjiang Bay Beach Scenic Area told reporters that according to incomplete statistics, the scenic area receives nearly 5,000 tourists every day. Dynamic and exciting drift boats, motor boats, speed boats, parachutes, catamarans and other water sports are especially popular with tourists. The special catering and seafood celebrities in the food street also greatly satisfy taste buds of tourists. Just in late June, the four bathing beaches distributed on the 2,000-meter coastline of the scenic spot were also fully opened. Here, visitors can feel the perfect fusion of body and beach, and sway the passion and romance brought by the sea.

According to Wei Feng, the person in charge of Tianjin Binhai New Area Government Resources Cooperation Department of Ctrip Group, Ctrip will also fully tap the marine resources of TBNA. It plans to launch a pro-sea one-day and two-day travel route in early August. “Mazu Temple, tasting and shopping seafood, Binhai internet-famous Park-Eco-city South Bank Coastal Trail Park are linked up to promote the pro-sea experience in TBNA.” It is claimed that more than 6,000 tourists have signed up for the single-day route.