Improved Yunnan’s logistics network will bring benefits to Kunming Area

In recent days, relevant officials of the Provincial Development and Reform Commission have visited Lincang, Dali and Xishuangbanna to carry out the research on logistics, which means that Yunnan is going all out to promote the “National Logistics Hub Layout and Construction Plan”, accelerating the planning and application of Yunnan national logistics hub project, indicating that Yunnan’s logistics infrastructure construction will usher in a great outbreak in the next five years.

Last year, Kunming, Dali, Honghe (Hekou), Dehong (Ruili) and Xishuangbanna (Mohan) were selected as the cities for the layout of national logistics hubs. Among them, Kunming has been selected as the inland port type and airport type national logistics hub, Kunming and Dali have been selected as business service type, Honghe (Hekou), Dehong (Ruili) and Xishuangbanna (Mohan) have been selected as land border port type .

It can be said that the linkage of the five cities will form four major logistics channels, with Kunming national logistics hub as the center and three land border port logistics hubs, Honghe (Hekou), Xishuangbanna (Mohan) and Dehong (Ruili), as the fulcrums. These four logistics channels are Kunming – Dali – Ruili, Kunming – Yuxi – Pu ‘er – Mohan, Kunming – Zhaotong/Qujing, Kunming – Mile – Kaiyuan – Mengzi – Hekou (Kunming – Mile – Wenshan – Yanshan – Funing). They connect with the national comprehensive transportation channel, forming a logistics channel system for both home and abroad.

In addition to the above five cities, the location and policy will be of great benefit to the construction of logistics infrastructure in Yunnan. With the signing of the Regional Comprehensive Economic Partnership (RCEP) last year, China (Yunnan) Pilot Free Trade Zone (FTZ) has made further progress in comprehensively deepening reform and upgrading opening-up. Moreover, the “one hub and two centers” functional orientation, the “4+N” industry orientation and the “open and integrated” development idea of the Kunming Area of China (Yunnan) Pilot FTZ are highly compatible with the rules and manners of RCEP. Obviously, the implementation of RCEP will improve the investment environment, promote the advantages of Yunnan Province’s opening platform and the implementation of a series of favorable policies, accelerate the construction of logistics infrastructure network, and further expand the industrial agglomeration and radiation role of national logistics hub.

In recent years, Yunnan has made remarkable achievements in the construction of key logistics parks and cross-border logistics node facilities. Among them, Yunnan Tengjun International Land Port (Kunming) was successfully selected as the first batch of national demonstration logistics parks. Relying on Yunnan ASEAN International Cold Chain Logistics Center and Kunming Baoxiang Cold Chain Port, Kunming has been successfully selected as the first batch of national backbone cold chain logistics bases. Eight logistics parks were selected as the first provincial demonstration logistics parks, including Kunming Wangjiaying Baoxiang Logistics Center, Yunnan ASEAN International Cold Chain Logistics Center, Honghe Comprehensive FTZ, China Hekou Highway Port International Logistics Park, etc.

In addition, Kunming Comprehensive FTZ, Honghe Comprehensive FTZ, China (Kunming) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone and China (Dehong) Cross-border E-commerce Comprehensive Pilot Zone have been approved to construct. Facilities at Hekou, Ruili, Mohan, Qingshuihe and Houqiao ports are increasingly improved.