“Binhai City” in action for comprehensive remediation of sea areas

In order to comprehensively crack down on various illegal and criminal activities such as “three noes” ships or ships without qualifications, illegal fishing and illegal docking points in coastal jurisdictions, and strictly prevent occurrence of sea-related and ship-related safety production accidents, the Coastal Safety and Security Team of Municipal Public Security Bureau has recently cooperated with the Municipal Marine Supervisor Headquarters, Dongjiang Maritime Safety Administration, District Agricultural and Rural Committee, Municipal Oceanic Bureau, Eco-city Administrative Committee, Dongjiang Administrative Committee, Bestown Street, and Zhaishang Street to carry out comprehensive rectification actions in sea areas.

During the operation, law enforcement officers of each unit were divided into two inspection teams: land and sea to carry out joint law enforcement on docks of Shengang, Caijiapu, Gaojiapu, Hongxing, Shenghai, Jingmen, and the waters along the line from Beijiang Power Plant to Dongjiang, and conduct centralized on-site boarding inspections on all types of ships.

According to statistics, more than 60 law enforcement officers, 8 vehicles, 2 boats were dispatched in this operation. 45 ships of various types were inspected, 1 unqualified ship, 3 illegal fishing ships, and more than 50 illegal nets were seized. All these effectively maintained the order of coastal security, and further created a safe and stable maritime environment.