Xiamen hosts 22 diplomatic envoys in advance of Unesco meeting

Xiamen last week hosted 22 diplomatic envoys in advance of the commencement of a Unesco World Heritage session in Fuzhou last Friday. The envoys came from a wide range of countries including Benin, Samoa and Tonga.

The visit to Xiamen included a stop at the Yundang Academy, where participants discussed the ecological management and protection of Yundang lake. Other Xiamen locations visited by the diplomatic group included the facilities of the Tianma Microelectronics Company in Xiangan.

The group also boarded the Lujiang 99 vessel for a trip across the Lujiang strait to Gulangyu. The Gulangyu tour included visits to the islet’s historical and cultural exhibition hall as well as Shuzhuang garden and a concert at the home of local residents .

Tour organizers described the two-day visit as a showcase for Xiamen’s eco-friendly construction, cultural heritage protection efforts, technological innovations and robust cross-Strait relationship.