Xiamen signed 19 foreign investment promotion projects

On July 14, Fujian International Investment Promotion Conference with the theme of “New Era, New Opportunities, New Development” was held in Fuzhou. Leaders of some Global 500 enterprises and global leading enterprises in various industries, executives of top 100 Taiwanese enterprises, and responsible persons of Hong Kong Trade Development Council, Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute and other institutions as well as business associations were invited to participate.

At this conference, Fujian has signed a total of 92 international investment projects with a total investment of 105.7 billion yuan. Among them, there were 69 projects of utilizing foreign investment with a total investment of 75.1 billion yuan and 23 outward investment projects with a total investment of 30.6 billion yuan.

These projects involved electronic information and digital industries, advanced equipment manufacturing, petrochemical industry, modern logistics, new energy, new materials and other industries. There were 19 project outcomes in utilizing foreign capital in Xiamen, with a total investment of 20.57 billion yuan, ranking first in the province in terms of scale.

Among them, 4 projects were signed on-site with a total investment of 7.81 billion yuan, involving flat panel display, digital economy, modern logistics, and key industries in the supply chain.