Project of ecological green corridor in airport zone fully put into use

In the midsummer season, the colorful flower field verbena in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone blooms dreamily, creating a sea of purple flowers, and the pink flowers adjacent to the rose garden are also blooming, which is very lively. In fact, blooming flower fields is just a corner of the airport zone’s beautiful scenery. Recently, the project of ecological green corridor in the airport zone that has been fully put into use is expected to become a new “internet-famous site” for leisure travel in the Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone this summer. The total area of the Airport Zone Ecological Green Corridor is 1.3 times that of the Tianjin Water Park. It has 2.41 million square meters of green space, 210,000 square meters of water and 28 kilometers of park roads. While adding oxygen to the “green lung” of Binhai New Area, it is also a new Internet-famous place.

Beautiful scenery of colorful flower fields is about to enter blooming period.

Dragonflies flying in the field, butterflies sucking nectar in the flowers, birds singing in the forest… This is a real scene of a colorful flower field in Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone. The reporter saw at the scene that large patches of purple verbena stretched beside the red trail, complementing the brighter sage. The breeze is blowing, and the sea of flowers is rippling in a beautiful way. When tourists stroll in it, it is like people walking in flowers and swimming in painting.

“In another week, these verbenas will bloom more beautifully.” According to the on-site maintenance staff of Qicai Flower Field, the planting area of verbena is nearly 6000 square meters, distributed in a strip pattern. After another week, it will enter the blooming period and will be replaced one by one. The flowering period lasts until August this year. Passing a large area of purple verbena, the 8000-square-meter rose garden greets you, and the air is filled with refreshing fragrance of flowers. “We live in the airport zone and often visit the colorful flower fields. Recently, a lot of verbenas has bloomed. My friends and I came to enjoy the flowers and take pictures,” said Zhang Na, a tourist.

“The colorful flower field covers an area of about 56,000 square meters. The flower fields are planted with perennial flowers and herbaceous flowers with a long viewing period.” According to Zhang Zuojun, the head of the Landscaping Section of the Urban Environment Administration of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone, the colorful flower field will last from May to October. In those months, one can see a sea of colorful flowers such as golden rapeseed, purple verbena, pink sedum, red pansy, golden sunflower, etc. Different varieties of flowers will open and show different colors in different seasons. It can be realized that there are considerable flowers in spring, summer and autumn, and the colorful flower field is also an important part of the project of ecological green corridor in the airport zone.

“Ecological Green Corridor” serves people’s livelihood and helps regional ecological construction.

It is claimed that the project of Ecological Green Corridor in the Airport Zone is the practice of Tianjin Port Free Trade Zone’s Party Committee and Administrative Committee’s implementation of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s ecological concept that “lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets” and the Tianjin Municipal Party Committee’s “Two Cities with Green” strategic deployment. It is also a gesture of Tianjin Port FTZ to listen to voices of the masses, do practical things for the masses, and share key projects of regional development results with the masses. The construction scope of the project is the section along the Ningjing Expressway (Jinhan Highway to Beijing-Tianjin-Tangshan Expressway), with a total area of 2.62 million square meters, 1.3 times that of the water park, as well as 2.41 million square meters of green space, 210,000 square meters of water and 28 kilometers of park roads. The project will be divided into the first phase and second phase. During the construction process, all participating construction departments always adhered to the concept of “party building as leader and joint creation”, overcome difficulties of large construction area, multiple water landscapes, and planting seedlings. It took three years to complete and has been opened to the public for free. The location of the project is an important ecological passage in the ecological green space network system of the central city of Tianjin and Binhai New Area. It is close to the second phase of the airport zone planning and has become another important project in the Tianjin Port FTZ that serves regional development as well as the people’s livelihood.

In recent years, the Tianjin Port FTZ has continuously increased its investment in green ecological construction, and has successively completed key projects such as the construction of the Harbor Wetland Park, the restoration of ecological shorelines, the ecological green corridor of the airport zone, and the addition of “time and space tunnels” and “springs” in the landscape lake experience facilities in the airport zone, to greatly enrich participation and entertainment of the masses, and further enhance their sense of happiness and gain.