Hubei agricultural company goes public in Singapore

On July 5, the Hubei agricultural company Chibi Shenshan Xingnong Technology Co., Ltd., officially went public on the Mainboard of the Singapore Exchange, marking the listing of the first agricultural company in Singapore from Hubei. So far, the number of overseas listed companies in Hubei has increased to 27.

The company, specializing in development of high-end and high-quality kiwifruit industry, is a key leading and large-scale modern agricultural technology company in Hubei.

Its base in Shenshan Town, Chibi City, has set up 24-hour panoramic surveillance. Watering, fertilizing, and disinfecting the orchard are all automated and mechanized.

According to the person in charge of the company, the scale of China’s kiwifruit industry still has a lot to explore. They will actively connect with the international capital market and participate in international competition, so that the kiwifruit of Chibi and China will be known and sold worldwide.