Cross-border E-commerce first customs clearance succeeded

Recently, Yunnan Pilot Free Trade Zone Investment and Development (Group) Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Free Trade and Investment Company”) and Kunming Science and Technology Innovation and Development Co.,Ltd. jointly held a round-table forum under the theme of “Cross-border Cooperation, Innovation and Openning-up”. The Free Trade and Investment Company actively engaged in the joint innovation of cross-border e-commerce bussiness in Kunming Area with e-commerce enterprises, logistics enterprises and post office customs in the zone.

On July 6, China Post Yunnan subsidiary – Kumming Post Express Service and Carriage Co.,Ltd., transported the cross-border e-commerce goods sold to Thailand to Mohan port for customs clearance through land transit. This is the first time that cross-border e-commerce goods successfully cleared from Mohan port.

Before, cross-border e-commerce goods sold to Thailand mainly through air and land transport to Guangxi Youyi Customs Port. This successful cross-border e-commerce goods from “Mohan-Moding Port” , for the first time, has opened the cross-border e-commerce land transit channel from Yunnan to Thailand, shortened the transportation time and reduced the cost of cross-border e-commerce enterprises.