Xiamen launches measures to boost intelligent audio-visual industry

This year marked the official implementation of the Several Measures for Promoting the Development of Intelligent Audio-Visual Industry jointly issued by multiple departments of Xiamen, which includes supporting and encouraging policies targeted at various links of the intelligent audio-visual industry chain, in order to push forward the industry’s transformation and upgrading.

The Several Measures consist of 10 policy measures for supporting and encouraging different enterprise subjects, including encouraging intelligent audio-visual enterprises to settle in Xiamen, facilitating the industry cluster development, and supporting the construction of an industrial foundation platform. Xiamen has also set up the “China (Xiamen) Intelligent Audio-Visual Industry Base” in the Software Park.

Xiamen’s next step will focus on advancing the construction of this national-level network audio-visual industry base, with a view to attracting over 100 enterprises to settle in at a total output value exceeding 10 billion yuan in three years upon completion.