Xiamen initiates ‘full life cycle’ services to boost business

Enterprises usually encounter a variety of items that need the administrative approval of the government. The procedures to deal with these items are usually time- and energy-consuming for entrepreneurs, requiring them to dash from one government department to another. But from now on, firms in Xiamen’s Siming district, East China’s Fujian province, can use the “full life cycle” services launched by Siming district’s market regulation bureau and administrative approval management bureau.

The “full life cycle” services are being described as a groundbreaking new model that prioritizes firms’ actual needs and is conducive to building a first-class business environment in Xiamen.

The service module is available on mobile phones, where firms’ legal persons can follow the WeChat public account of Siming district’s administrative service center and use it to enjoy their services, which include a total of 60 administrative approval services and bank-related items, and can be categorized into five types: business registration, account opening, tax-related services, registration change and company cancellation.

The online platform takes care of enterprises throughout their full life cycle, further streamlining government services and enabling entrepreneurs to access administrative procedures at their fingertips.

Business starters no longer need to search for a third party to get registered. In the new cooperation model between the government and banks, legal persons are provided with one-stop services. Firms can now be registered at banks, and the duration for firms to apply for business licenses and new bank accounts has been shortened to two to three days.

Siming district also offers volunteer services to small- and medium-sized enterprises, offering comprehensive and professional advices to businessmen in need. These services are estimated to save millions of yuan for the firms annually.