TBNA continues to promote coordination and supportive cooperation between the east and the west

On July 7, Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short) held a mid-term promotion meeting for East-West collaboration and supportive cooperation to report on the situation of the East-West collaboration and supportive cooperation in the first half of 2021, and plan the next step. Deputy District Governor Yin Xiaofeng presided over the meeting and delivered a speech.

Yin Xiaofeng emphasized that it is necessary to improve the political position and continue to strengthen the mission of doing a good job of cooperation between the east and the west with supportive cooperation, so that the responsibility remains unchanged, and the standard does not drop. The intensity does not decrease, and the energy does not relax. The enthusiasm does not retreat. We must assist development and revitalization of twinned areas on a broader and deeper level. It is necessary to give full play to advantages of TBNA, strengthen special responsibilities, continue to deepen education assistance, explore “group-style” medical assistance, maintain funding and talent assistance, strengthen industrial cooperation, labor cooperation and consumer assistance, and implement innovatively the 100 village revitalization plan. The eastern and western parks shall jointly build and establish a long-term mechanism for scientific and technological assistance to promote scientific and technological innovation, and fully implement goals and tasks of cooperation and supportive cooperation between them. We must adhere to precise assistance, continue to prioritize the people’s livelihood, the most basic level, and the agricultural and pastoral areas while gradually increase investment in construction of rural revitalization demonstration counties and demonstration villages. It is necessary to conduct in-depth analysis, precise implementation of policies, and precise force to further improve effectiveness of assistance, and contribute to the Binhai power for high-quality economic and social development of the paired region and continuous improvement of people’s livelihood.