Jiangsu implement ten items for education under the “14th Five-Year Plan”

Recently, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Education had a press conference on fully implementing the CPC guidelines for education and promoting well-rounded development of students in terms of moral grounding, intellectual and physical ability, aesthetic sensibility, and work skills. It was learnt from the press conference that Jiangsu has formulated a 14th Five-Year Plan for Education in ten sections, they are: systemically fostering virtue in education, upgrading substance for fundamental education, promoting Linghang Program for Secondary Vocational Schools and Zhuoyue Program for Higher Vocational Schools, enhancing university development, bolstering postgraduate education quality, establishing a system for life-long study services, implementing the program for education talent magnet, enhancing smart education, increasing educational opening up, and reforming education evaluation system.

Source: World Trade Times