Renovation of vegetable markets in TBNA to enhance service quality and facilitate citizens’ lives

The vegetable market is the most down-to-earth place to protect people’s livelihood, and it is also an important window to showcase urban civilization. In Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), a group of vegetable markets with a “pretty appearance” comparable to those of the supermarkets have entered daily lives of ordinary people, allowing citizens to put freshness, satisfaction and happiness into the “vegetable basket”.

New appearance for old vegetable markets

“How much is the cabbage per kilo? Give me three of them.” “Tomatoes in summer are the best, and I will take a few too.” Walking into the edge of the Binkaili vegetable market, a smell of human life showed up immediately.

Xie Hong, who lives near the Binkaili Vegetable Market, is choosing ingredients of the day in the vegetable section. Xie Hong told reporters that he has been shopping for vegetables in this vegetable market. Since the market was upgraded, buying vegetables has become a kind of enjoyment. “This vegetable market has a wide range of things, including fruits, vegetables, seafood, and groceries.” Xie Hong said.

Shi Guimei is an old business owner of the Binkaili vegetable market. Xie Hong has a good shopping experience, and these business owners also feel the same. “I have been in this market for more than ten years, and have undergone a step-by-step transformation of the market until today.” Shi Guimei told reporters that at the beginning her fruit stall was only a small area, and all kinds of fruits were piled up in a mess disorderly. “But in recent years, it has changed. The fruit stalls have been upgraded to an island structure. Several stalls are arranged in a circle, which is clean and hygienic, and can be seen by customers at a glance. Now there are dozens of fruits for citizens to choose from in their stalls. Not only are buyers comfortable, it is also very convenient for us to operate.” Shi Guimei said that the quality of citizens is improving, and the operation of self-employed individuals is also being regulated.

Xin Zhenduo, the person in charge of the Binkaili Vegetable Market, introduced that the market covers an area of more than 4,900 square meters, with a construction area of more than 7,900 square meters. There are more than 190 merchants selling five categories of fruits, sundries, vegetables, aquatic products, cattle and sheep and chicken products. From disorderly stalls in the past to classification and zoning management of the present, the purpose is to create a clean and tidy shopping environment and give citizens a good grocery shopping experience. “Our market has also set up a food safety inspection and quick inspection room. Every day, there are special staff to sample and test dishes that enter the market, and publicize them in obvious places. Here, not only should citizens buy comfortably, but also everyone can buy them with assurance.” Xin Zhenduo said.

In the school street market, one can see a large-scale market shopping guide map as soon as he/she enters the door. In the picture, the grain, oil and pasta area, aquatic product area, fruit area, vegetable area, cold snack area, groceries area, fresh meat area and other areas are identified with different colors, which is convenient for customers to distinguish. Next to it, there is also a bulletin on pesticide residue testing of vegetables sampled in the quick inspection room every day.

In recent years, the upgrading of the vegetable market has made residents living nearby really feel convenient. Mr. Wei, who lives in Jixiangli Community, goes to the vegetable market to purchase fresh vegetables and cooked food almost every day. Mr. Wei told reporters that over the years, he has witnessed changes in market environment and the happy experience of purchasing has improved a lot. “In the past, the stalls were crowded, and the environment was dirty, chaotic, and poor. The aquatic area was wet and dirty. Now the management has improved, and the sales are orderly. The quality of personnel has also improved. This is a place that has both living atmosphere and satisfaction. “Mr. Wei said.

Going to the vegetable market is like going to a supermarket

With fair prices and fresh products, many vegetable markets in TBNA are upgrading the environment while paying more attention to improving quality of services to facilitate lives of surrounding citizens. Near noon, Aunt Li, a resident of Sino-Singapore Tianjin Eco-city, walked out of the Fresh Store in the third community, carrying vegetables she had just bought, and told reporters: “The store has a clean environment and well-equipped facilities. There is a fair scale at the door. Buying food is just like going to the supermarket, which makes people feel at ease when buying and eating at ease.”

The reporter learned that there are currently 43 contracted merchants in the fresh food market, covering more than a dozen convenient formats such as vegetables, fruits, aquatic products, sauces, grains and oils, pasta, local specialties, and new food markets. The reporter saw in the fresh food store that the “three-proof” facilities of selling stalls in the cooked food area were in place, and the “three whites” of merchants were worn. The vegetable and aquatic product stalls were neat and orderly.

The clean and hygienic operating environment also makes operators here smile. Pasta business owner Lan Dexin said: “Since entering the market, I have witnessed many subtle changes here. For example, during the epidemic prevention and control period, we have been responsible for everyone. The stores supervised and reminded us that merchants should wear masks to prevent and control corona virus. I haven’t slackened, and the business here is particularly pragmatic.” Lan Dexin said.

The reporter learned from the Commerce and Investment Promotion Bureau of TBNA that as of now, there are 70 vegetable markets in TBNA. “From the perspective of meeting needs of the people, we will enable vegetable markets here not only to have good environment, but also to provide more comprehensive services and convenience for surrounding residents, so as to continuously enhance the people’s sense of happiness and sense of acquisition.” Introduced by the relevant person in charge of the bureau.