Tianjin Port Autopilot Demonstration Zone achieved its 100th ship operation

Recently, with the loading and unloading operations of the “SITC Manila” vessel in Tianjin Port, the world’s first port autopilot demonstration zone has achieved its 100th ship operation.

According to reports, Tianjin Port Group has comprehensively improved the level of automated port transportation, and has successively tackled the group operation of unmanned electric trucks, intelligent unlocking stations, remote control of automated container quay cranes on the land side with “one-click container loading”, and a series of world-class port technical problems like a set of system alignment unmanned automatic operation system control management, etc. It independently created a number of global firsts, realized full operation and production of port automatic driving demonstration area, and formed a replicable and extendable “Tianjin Port Model”. Up to now, 25 autonomous driving fleets from the container company in the in the North of the demonstration zone have formed a sound operation process as well as an operation and maintenance management system.