Over 100 rural tourism products of Jilin hit market

This year, Jilin province’s summer consumption season will last for nearly four months, and 17 series of activities are planned to be launched. Rural tourism, as an important part of the consumption season, will constantly innovate in consumption scenes and products.

Plan to launch the theme activity of “Date in village•22 ℃ summer”. Focus on rural summer tourism, we will make a difference in scale, characteristic and brand, carry out online and offline marketing promotion, tap into rural cultural resources and create rural tourism products with local characteristics to realize the transformation of passenger flow.

Plan to carry out the “rural life” selection work of the internet-famous site selection activities. We will focus on exploring high-quality rural tourism consumption scenarios and discovering star enterprises and internet-famous sites in rural tourism business units in the form of folk village, picking garden, farmhouse and so on.

Cooperate with domestic well-known OTA platforms for joint promotion. We will launch the “Jilin culture tourism online flagship store” on six OTA platforms including Ctrip, Qunar, Meituan, Lvmama, Fliggy and TravelGo, set up the rural tourism consumption zone and carry out the “Cool Jilin•22 ℃ summer”—cultural tourism consumption subsidy activity. At present, there are 143 rural tourism products launched by the province, including 101 tour group routes, 31 tour package products and 11 rural homestay products.

Implement the pilot program for self-driving tour. We will carry out five major theme activities to guide the consumption of self-driving tour for rural tourism, and plan to launch a series of“little village”tourist routes covering rural resources of Qianwan village in Ji’an, Pokou village in Linjiang, Sanhe village in Longjing, centennial tribe in Jingxin town of Hunchun and Fangchuan folk village, as well as a series of “cool village” tourist routes covering rural resources of Jindalai folk village, Guangdong village and Jinjiang Muwu village.