Dongting Road tunnel officially opened

As a key people’s supportive project in Tianjin Binhai New Area (TBNA for short), an important construction project to build traffic road network in TBNA, on the afternoon of June 30, Dongting Road tunnel was officially completed and opened to traffic. Therefore, it is no long necessary to detour to Wanda Plaza. The opening of Dongting Road tunnel plays an important role in mitigating the traffic bottleneck between TEDA East and the Tianjian area (old address where the former Tianjin Bohua Yongli Chemical Co., Ltd located).

It is claimed that the Dongting Road tunnel project includes the tunnel project of Dongting Road in TBNAunder passing the second line of port railway and theprojectof Dongting Road guidance road. Among them, the projectof underpass of Dongting Road in TBNA through the second-line railway tunnel starts at the intersection of Xingang No. 4 Road and Dongting Road in TEDA, and ends at Dexin Road. The No.5 Company of CRCC Eighteenth Bureau is responsible for the construction. The project includes main works, road works, drainage works, lighting works and other ancillary works. The total length of the route is 570.336m and the red line of main line is 54m wide. The tunnel adopts a two-way six-lane standard witha reserved tramway.

In order to realize the underpass function of Dongting Road passing through the second-line railway into the port, the TBNA Housing Construction Committee also organized TEDA Urban Rail Company to implement the project of guidance road for Dongting Road. The project starting from Jiefang Road in the south, is laid along the planned Jiancai Road, Deren Road, and Dongting Road, and connects to the tunnel of Dongting Road in the north. The road is 763 meters long and 24 meters wide, with two-way 4-lane layout, non-motorized vehicle lane and sidewalk. According to the person in charge of the project, itwould start construction on May 10, 2021, which overcame difficulties of tight construction schedule, high groundwater level, and many underground obstacles, and ensured completion of the project on schedule.