Global innovation to speed up establishing Hubei Province as a sci-tech power

The white clouds and yellow cranes last through the ages, and talent and ability hope to meet people who can really appreciate them.

Hubei has played an important role in the development process of the Yangtze River basin and the Chinese nation. In ancient times, Shennong, the Emperor Yan, turned a new page of Chinese civilization in the region. Then, more than two thousand years ago, the Jing-Chu Culture, represented by its unique chime-bells music and dance, was a shining light in the land of ancient China, while more recently the “Made in Hanyang” brand and Jianghan Cruise have helped Hubei Province become a pioneer of industry in modern China.

As one of the earliest regions in the country that opened its ports to the outside world in modern times, Hubei is a province with some of the greatest development advantages and potential in China. With so many colleges and universities and the gathering of talents, 73 academicians, 129 colleges and universities, and 1.79 million college and university students in Hubei exert great potential for innovation. Wuhan, the provincial capital, ranks 4th in China and 13th in the world in the index of global science cities, and ranks 3rd among the national science and technology central cities in the 2020 National Central City Index Report issued by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, while East Lake High-tech Zone ranks first for knowledge innovation and technological creation ability among the national high-tech zones.

As the birthplace of the modern industrial civilization in China, through early development and complete industrial system, Hubei has witnessed the prosperous development of 17 industries, which are expected to generate an output value of nearly 100 billion yuan, including automobile manufacturing, electronic information, and biomedicine, and the great momentum of “Optical, Core, Display, Terminal, Network” and other emerging industry clusters. The 51020 modern industrial system is being built, and five pillar industries valued at RMB 1 trillion ($154.8 billion),10 advantage industries valued at RMB 500 billion, and 20 characteristic industrial clusters valued RMB 100 billion are being cultivated and expanded.

Boasting a vast market, Hubei is located at the geographical center of China’s economy and is the domestic transportation hub of the country, and has always been a key industrial base in China. The important state pillars, including the Wuhan Iron and Steel (Group) Company, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, and the Three Gorges Dam, have cemented the significant status of Hubei in China.

According to the national development blueprint in the “14th Five-Year Plan”, Hubei is an important intersection and area for major national strategies, such as joint construction of the Belt and Road Initiative, comprehensive development of the Yangtze River Economic Belt, promotion of the rapid rise of the central region and coordinated development of urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, aiming to become an important node of big domestic circulation and the strategic link between the national and international dual circulation.

At present, Hubei is expediting the implementation of the “ Four Beams and Eight Pillars (the basic main frame)” in order to become a scientific and technological power, and is striving to create a science and technology innovation center with national influence, along with a comprehensive national science center, in order to build East Lake Science City into a world-class smart park with a core competitiveness.

The park will feature prominent scientific characteristics, an agglomeration of innovation factors, outstanding initial innovation capabilities, and accelerated construction of the Optics Valley Science and Technology Innovation Corridor with East Lake Science City as the core.

Hubei is casting a wide net globally to recruit the best candidates to resolve its technical challenges, aiming to create a quality R&D team to provide the best solutions. By attracting talented personnel with an open vision and converging global innovation resources of technologies, funds, talents, platforms, we are actively building a collaborative innovation community consisting of the urban agglomeration in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River in Hubei, Hunan and Jiangxi, to assist in contributing to China’s ranking among the forefront of innovation-based countries and building a world-class scientific and technological power.

Looking ahead, the scientific and technological innovation in Hubei progresses with each passing day. We are looking forward to the participation and contribution of talents from all over the world to assist in accelerating the pace of building Hubei Province into a scientific and technological power!