Chinese colleges use chip, 3D technologies in admission notices to woo freshmen

Chinese universities have started a “design competition” of college admission notices to woo freshmen by integrating technologies of laser engraving, 3D and chip in admission notices.

From leading Tsinghua University, Shanghai University to Shaanxi Normal University, colleges across the nation have employed special designs in their admission notices, hoping it would woo more young students to apply to their schools in the future.

Shanghai University sent a key-shaped “chip” to the freshmen. Students can activate the button on it and put it close to a mobile phone in which it can read a WeChat app then students will be able to watch a promotional video related to “red inheritance” and get their own digital admission notice. In addition, freshmen get a special version of the school logo, including nine colors.

The hashtag about the designs has gained over 150 million reviews on twitter-like Sina Weibo as of press time, with many netizens expressing admiration. Some speculated over the tech behind the chip, “what technology it has been used?”

Tsinghua University also updated its admission notice, with laser engraving and manual work applied in the three-dimensional school gate standing vividly revealed on the paper.

“It’s so delicate, but I’m afraid I can only take a look,” some joked in reference to the fact that they may never receive such kind of admission notices.

Along with the application of high tech, some schools have made efforts to display better ideas.

For Tianjin-based Nankai University, along with the paper admission notice, there is a pouch with two lotus seeds from Jiaxing, East China’s Zhejiang Province, which is the birthplace of “red boat spirit.”

Teachers in Shaanxi Normal University handwrote the notices in Chinese traditional calligraphy as a way to congratulate and encourage students accepted by colleges.