Hangzhou Releases 10 Intangible Cultural Heritage Tourist Routes

The launching ceremony of 2021 Cultural and Natural Heritage Day activities to be held in Hangzhou was held on 12th June. The theme this year is “Happily Inherit Intangible Cultural Heritage and Celebrate the 100th Anniversary of the Founding the CPC”.

The first batch of intangible cultural heritage tourist routes, 10 in total, was released at the launching ceremony, including a trip “travelling back” to Southern Song Dynasty, a trip offering knowledge and experience of the Grand Canal, a trip to Longwu Tea Garden, a one-day trip to Binjiang, a trip to Nanpian, a trip to Liangzhu where you can learn Liangzhu culture and Jingshan tea culture, a trip to Fuyang which is home to the famous painting Dwelling in the Fuchun Mountains and the hometown of paper, a three-day trip to Tonglu, a trip to Xin’anjjiang, Jiande, and a trip introducing celebrities around the West Lake.