Students in Hubei sit national college entrance exam

A total of 405,000 students in Hubei are expected to take China’s college entrance exam from June 7 to 9.

Hubei adopts a ”3+1+2″ program this year: three compulsory tests-Chinese, math and a foreign language; one quasi-elective test, a choice between physics and history; and two elective tests picked from four subjects-politics, geography, chemistry and biology.

The reform allows students to have more exam choices-up to 12 combinations of subjects, instead of the two choices between liberal arts and science subjects before-in accordance with their hobbies, interests and specialty subjects.

Students were reminded to abide by the exam rules and follow COVID-19 containment regulations while sitting the test.

The exam, also known as the Gaokao, is deemed the most important event for Chinese students and hailed as a fair system to select talent.