Greenland Tourist Resort

Location: Wanshanhong Farm, Qiandong Township, Raoping District, Chaozhou City, Guangdong Province

Rating: AAAA

Sightseeing Theme: Seasons&Outdoor / Islands&Beaches

Opening Hours: 8:00—17:00

Admission: RMB 40 per ticket for Greenland Ecological Park (lvdao Shanzhuang); RMB 50 per ticket for Qinglan Geopark; RMB 70 per joint ticket;

Key Words: Vacation, Shopping, Parent-Child Fun, Photography

About: Covering an area of more than 6.6 square kilometers, the Greenland Tourist Resort offers an opportunity to admire the masterpiece of nature in Qinglan Geopark, enjoy modern entertainments in its shopping and amusement facilities, visit the old villages built in Ming and Qing Dynasty (1368~1912 A.D.), see the cultural relics and learn about the folk culture and customs at the same time. It is one of the eight must-sees in Chaozhou and a comprehensive resort that shows how nature, human creativity, the past and the present complement each other to offer you the best vacation experience.


Transportation:Bus: Take Raoping Bus No. 3; Driving Routes: (Click to see the map)